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Rules Of The Family

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Rules Of The Family Empty Rules Of The Family

Post by Kamijo on Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:53 pm

1. If you are going to join this site, make sure you rp with others, not just one person.

1b. NO God modding.

2. No one outside the family is allowed into the castle after midnight.

3. everyone in the BRF is related to each other in someway, incest is OK, just put (incest) in your topic title if going about 'laying' with a closely related member (brother etc)

4. Humans who break the rules can be eaten..be warned...

5. Ukes only have the power to be impregnated, they cannot impregnate.

6. If you have something to say ooc please put it in ()

7. There is killing on this board, by placing a human placing 'The Fodder' on top of their app you understand this fact and have read the rules thus far. By a perspective Family member placing 'The Family' they have read the rules thus far. By a Demon placing 'Allied Or Die' they have read the rules thus far.

8. If you write in any form of Japanese, please translate!

9. ALL members must rp with the admins!


11. Child killing is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

12. if anyone in the family is plotting against their rulers, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND WHO YOU ARE PLOTTING WITH.

13.No shotacon! (No Kid sex here.)

14. When something happens that changes your muses life forever, UPDATE YOUR APP HISTORY!

15. The dead cannot interact with the living unless the living (or undead) have the power to do so.

16. ALL members MUST have a human muse, not everyone will be allowed into The Family, HUMANS ARE A MUST. If you want to be Black Rose send a request to an Admin, only one black rose per user if accepted.

17. Chat Box is for both RP with characters that are ON this forum only! Also ooc discussions go on in there as well. Please do not down other players role playing skills. Not everyone rp's as you do.

18. RESPECT ALL MEMBERS! Even if you do not like someone you MUST respect them. there is no reason to hurt someones feelings IRL. IF Kozi catches you doing this, then HE WILL ban your ass asap! There is no maltreatment of users on this forum.

19. If you do not like someone or something, then leave! No one is making you stay here. This is a role play forum not a day care.

20. Please note that this site contains YAOI (Male on Male action!) If you do not like that, or are not mature enough, then this isn't the forum for you. If a topic becomes mature whether it be violence, language or sex place 'Mature' in the topic title. not everyone wants to read that.

21. the muse limit for regular members is three, you must post twice a week or you will be deleted, Staff may have as many as they wish.

22. Please keep in mind all holds last only three days from the time that you ask for them to be reserved. If an application is not made within those three days (seventy-two hours, 72) Then they will be considered free for all to grab. No exceptions.

23. ALL whores MUST meet with Mama Kaya, be it in the Chatbox or a thread, you can't work until you meet your employer, he loves all his babies and wants to get to know them ^^

24. Rules shall be update when we see fit. Keep an eye on them for changes and modifications.
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