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Plot Forever Turning

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Plot Forever Turning Empty Plot Forever Turning

Post by kozi on Thu Aug 18, 2011 3:30 pm

Elegance was formed on the whims of others. The rich and aristocrats of Rozen were at peace with this world. They lived in darkness, forever living the life in solitude and with a morbid hand. And yet as their world turned to stone and all things they knew changed, the outside world became something a new. Outside the Humans were losing females, women and young girls were dying from a odd cause that was a Virus, one named Mirage. This virus was dubbed such by the scientists that could not understand why this was happening to the females. Slowly and surely as the months turned to the years women became scarce and then no more. As a result men were shape changing some into these freaks of nature called hermaphrodites while others stayed men thanks to the cells in them. It was not clear what was going on, But The Black Rose family was blamed for the conspiracy that the Mirage virus was constructed. It is still not clear but a mere whisper among the humans whom have no hope left but to run and hide.

Where do you lie in this twisted sad fairy tale? Are you a Black Rose set on making the family at peace once more, A Human bent on surviving? Or a Demon whose o9nly purpose in life is to serve The Black Rose Family as Knights in their army? That choice is up to you here at Invalid Black Rose Family…
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